Recent Projects

SketchUp PreDesign

Angular WebGL Team Lead Scrum Master

New product in the SketchUp line allowing building designers to see detailed information about local geography and climate.

An existing team at Sketchup was starting this project and needed guidance on frontend frameworks, development standards & processes.

We provided an interim technical manager who shaped the development practices, created a reusable UI framework, and worked with the team to build the application and transition to a scaled agile process (SAfE), seeing the project through from inception to release.

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JavaScript WebGL PHP MySQL

This is an online game 3D modelling system which allows for creation of highly detailed objects using generative methods.

The 3D scenes themselves are defined by writing shaders which specify objects, transformations and effects programmatically, so this includes a code editor, compiler and validator as well as an interactive 3D view of the scene.

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Rocks Off Game

JavaScript PHP 2D Graphics Docker

This is an online game in the style of the 8-bit game Boulderdash, set in a series of worlds each with their own unique levels and graphics.

We created the artwork, gameplay, levels and website, and there is a game editor for designing new levels.

The game is 2D, rendered into a canvas, with the game itself being grid-based and acting like a cellular automata updating on every timestep. The web site is a mostly static site powered by PHP, hosted in a Docker container.

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SketchUp Add Location

Angular JavaScript Ruby SketchUp API

This was a project to modernise SketchUp's Add Location feature, which allows users to geographically situate their model and import the surrounding 3D terrain.

Initially made with Vue, the application was to be rewritten using Angular, making use of the existing Angular user interface library within the team.

We provided development support and architectural guidance on this project, including designing an interface to link the SketchUp client to the Angular application via the Sketchup Ruby API.

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PHP MySQL VanillaJS Head of Department

MyVoucherCodes is the UK's most popular online discount site and had grown rapidly in a short space of time from a single website to a cluster of sites covering 10 territories.

Due to the rapid growth the team was struggling to keep up with the demands from the business and were swamped with technical debt.

We provided interim management services to take the team through the process of making a new version of the website, the control panels used by the other teams to manage the sites.

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